In this new work (the third for Leo Records) the original process for instantaneous composing conceived by Scoolptures, based on the progressive layering of sound fragments, recorded and replayed while the quartet improvise, is powered by graphic scores obtained through the encoding (in Morse, QR, singularly or overlapped) of eight thoughts taken from the works of the street artist Banksy.

His intimate and sharp considerations, motions of a suffering humanity, overlooked but resistant, are transformed into the sound matrices of these 24 compositions and deeply influence the mood.

Nicola Negrini (doublebass, ubass, metallophone and livelectronics), Achille Succi (alto sax, bass clarinet and shakuhachi), Philippe "Pipon" Garcia (drums, prepared guitar and livelectronics) and Antonio Della Marina (sinewaves and livelectronics) mold the sound into a pulsating, urban, tense or ecstatic conglomerate,  densely fluid and dynamic, indissolubly merging acoustic and electronic timbres as full and empty spaces are in Banksy's stencils.


01 sometimes I feel so sick at the state of the world [8:37] 

02 I can't even finish [3:52] 

03 sorry! [3:54] 

04 the lifestyle you ordered [3:46] 

05 what are you [9:19] 

06 my second apple pie [2:22]

07 laugh now [2:30] 

08 is currently out of stock [2:06]

09 looking at? [3:13]

10 but one day [6:13] 

11 we'll be in charge [4:45]

01 there's nothing [3:07] 

02 more dangerous [3:36] 

03 than someone [3:30] 

04 who wants [3:56] 

05 to make the world [2:53] 

06 in the future everyone [2:58] 

07 will be anonymous [3:32]  

08 a lot of people never use their initiative [4:07] 

09 I need someone to protect me from all [3:42] 

10 for 15 minutes [2:21]

11 because no-one told them to [2:46]

12 the measures they take in order to protect me [3:00]

13 a better place [3:41]


all compositions by
Nicola Negrini, Achille Succi, Antonio Della Marina [SIAE], Philippe Garcia [SACEM]

encoded thoughts by Banksy

graphic scores and concept by
Nicola Negrini

recorded at Digitube Studio [MN:Italy] by Carlo Cantini [june 18th/19th 2012]

mixed by Carlo Cantini and Nicola Negrini [sept 12th/13th 2012]

executive production by Nicchia Prod

artwork and graphics by

produced by Nicola Negrini and Leo Feigin

© & ℗ Leo Records 2013